How It Works?

Follow this steps to join decentralized Mircoin community

Create an Account

You can create your account by linking it to

Download the client

Download Mircoin client to get access to Blockchain interface or use web wallet

Create wallet

MRC wallet is secured by passphrase, keep it secure

Provide your MRC address

Save your MRC address and you are ready to receive MRC community awards

Why MRC?

MRC is Proof of Stake cryptocurrency. All fees in Mircoin network are charged in MRC and forgers are also rewarded in MRC. Mircoin is powered by NXT so it inherits huge NXT features. To use MRC you don't have to pay any real money. You can just get free MRC from Mircoin.Community.

Encrypted messaging

Send encrypted messagess, no one here can ban you and prevent from contacting with your buddies

PWA technology

We have added PWA to Mircoin client. You can run your own node with ssl and transform it into mobile application. Your phone will install a wallet as mobile app.

Monetary system and assets

Create a representation of goods in digital form or cryptocurrencies which can optionally be secured in the MRC.


Exchange goods directly without 3rd party.


Advanced voting system secured by Mircoin blockchain.

…and much more

Read more about great features provided by NXT

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The richest users


Forger is a person who run MRC node, have required MRC stake and supports the network. Forgers creates new blocks and takes transactions fees.

MRC is decentralized network like torrents or other cryptocurrencies. There is no administrator or moderator who can ban you. To be part of community, you only need MRC to pay fees.