Frequently Asked Question

Download wallet from the main page. Extract files and run "uruchom portfel w oknie.bat" inside mircoin-client-version-number dir. You should see command line with client logs. When everything will be ready, a window with Wallet should be opened. If you close the wallet, you can use "wallet" button next to "My account" button at the top of this page.

Go to your profile, make sure you have provided MRC address in "Edit MRC address" tab and click "Withdraw" button in "Withdraws" tab.

You can use this script to set up your node very fast. Log in and set your MRC account in your profile to personalize this script: (unpersonalized - log in)

Clone https://[email protected]/mircoin/mrc.git repository, compile (./ and run (./ You need Java installed (tested on v8) and apache/other web server to put mrc.txt with your MRC address. It is required to authenticate your node in reward program.

Install SSL certificate. You can use letsencrypt. We have created script for ubuntu:

Add your node, go to your profile and check "Nodes" tab. You can see there your total reward amount. Click "Get reward" to add MRC to your account (it will work if your reward is higher than 1 MRC) and visit "Withdraws" tab to withdraw your MRC. Min. withdraw amount is 10 MRC.

From block 1645818 forged 04-Jan-2018 00:03:39

Your effective balance must be at least 1,000 MRC, the higher your balance is, you have bigger chance to forge the block. The effective balance consists of coins that have over 1440 confirmations on your wallet.

Go to your profile page and check MRC balance. You need to have coins on site. Please use deposit to send your coins from your wallet back to Mircoin.Community, TYPE IN VALID PAYMENT MESSAGE!

No - according to the regulations of the Wykop. This will not disturb us as long as you do not circumvent it bypassing the limits of the Community.